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Hi, I’m ZOEY! laughing

Nice to meet you. I’m a Personal Marketing Assistant (PMA) that Helps Small Businesses Like Yours Grow. Check Out All The  Cool Things I Can Do…


  • A/B and PBM Testing
  • AI Predictive Emails (No Optin)
  • Advanced Project KPI Setting
  • AI Drip Campaigns
  • Alexa (Voice Agent)
  • Android Application (Play store)
  • Anonymous Visitor Tracking
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Asset Database Creation
  • Attribution Analytics & Optimization
  • Automated (Phone Call) Analysis
  • Automated (Voice Bot) Outbound Calls
  • Automated URL Tracking (Deep Links)


  • Behavioral-Based Tracking
  • Behavioral Logic SEQ
  • Brand Audience Segmentation



  • Calendar
  • Call Recording
  • Call Keyword Tracking
  • Campaign AD Management
  • Chatbot (Messenger Agent)
  • Connected TV Retargeting
  • Client Partners Portal
  • Closed-Loop Analysis
  • Custom Marketing BI Dashboard



  • Data Enrichment
  • Digital Footprint Analysis
  • Display Marketing SEQ
  • Direct Mail Retargeting
  • Dynamic Email Content
  • Dynamic Website Content
  • Dynamic Number Rotation


  • Email Responder
  • Email Marketing SEQ
  • Email Retargeting
  • Email Newsletters
  • Event Marketing SEQ
  • Exit Intent Popups



  • Facebook Fan-page Integration
  • Facebook (Messenger Agent)
  • Feedback Polls
  • Form Submit Analysis



  • GDPR Compliance Features
  • Geo-IP Based Call Routing
  • Geo-Target Number Rotation
  • Google Calendar
  • Google (Voice Agent)
  • Go-To-Webinar Integration



  • Identity Resolution AI
  • InMarket Buyer Data
  • InFunnel Brand Data
  • Intelligence Consumer Database
  • Interactive Voice (IVR) Menus
  • IOS Application (iTunes Store)



  • Landing Pages
  • Lead Generation SEQ
  • Lead Nurture SEQ
  • Lead Claiming Option
  • Leads Scoring


  • Online Event Marketing
  • Online Surveys
  • Outbound Sales (Call) Tracking
  • Outbound Sales (Email) Tracking



  • PBM Call Transcriptions
  • PBM (Micro) Site Access
  • PBM Funnels
  • Predictive (1 to 1) Personalization
  • Predictive Marketing Automation
  • Progressive Web Application
  • Profit Center Creation



  • Setup Reminders & To Do’s
  • Smart Pixel (Non-Expiring)
  • SMS Marketing
  • Social Media Post Scheduling
  • Softphone
  • Spilt-Testing
  • Support Help Desk



  • Voice Bot (Inbound Agent)
  • VoIP Phone
  • Visitor Video Recording (on-page)



  1. WebForms
  2. Web Retargeting 2.0
  3. Website Heat Maps

ZOEY (PMA) Shortens Your Tech Stak

Eliminate Tech Overwhelm by having a All-In-One Strategy to Win! Brands that introduce Zoey’s Predictive Marketing Automation SUM Process, following Our “Human AI”  approach, will See Drastic Business Growth Fast as 90 Days!

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