Predictive Biz Models

Profit isn’t EARNED, It’s WON and Strategy  is How You WIN. Zoey’s PBM’s allow Your Brands to Personalize  Their “User Experience” (UX) Online by Personalizing EACH Interaction  with Consumers via our Human AI  Data-Driven Technology.

What Are Zoey PBM’s?

Your “Customers Journey” Tells a Story, but Are You Listening? PBM’s are Micro AI-Solutions. Tiny Data-Driven Predictive Business Models with a SINGLE Focus…Growing Your Bottom-Line aka “Show Me The $$$”!

PBM’s are The “Evolution” of Websites by Humanizing the INTERACTION between Brand and Consumers Online. PBM’s allow any business to Affordably Go Omni-Channel to Reach their Ideal Targeted Audience on a 1 to 1 Level.

PBM’s (3) Steps S.U.M Process to Growing A Biz Online

Own Your Data. Build A InMarket Audience Database.

PBM’s enable Brands to Own and Secure their OWN 1st Party Data Online. This NEW Business Model Teaches Brands the Economic Value of their Markets Data and Behaviors.

This Approach to Winning Consumers Trust, allows Brands to “Own The Chat” Online, and Be First to Reach Consumers “Where They Are” on their Preferred Channel of Choice.

Unlock The Economy’s

NEW GOLD for Business

Inside Your Consumers Data  are TONS of “Trapped Value” aka  Golden Nuggets awaiting  Liberation! PBM’s – Predictive Business Models Single FOCUS, Help Eliminate a Company’s Digital BLINDSPOTS inside their Market Place. PBM’S – Solves the 3 Biggest PROBLEMS in Business surrounded around PROFITS, PEOPLE, and having a PROCESS.

PBM’s Help Monetize Your Data EVERYWHERE Online.

Gain The Full Attention of Your Audience by providing Seamless Human-Like Interactions Online via ZOEY PBM’s. Become Platform Agostic  and Create a Branded Voice Online

Reach Your CORE Audience Affordably ANYWHERE They Are including Premium Websites and Now Primetime Connected TV  (Available Channels) with Project KPI – Smart Atribution.


Open Registration: Jan 1 – Jan 20

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