A New Era of Human AI

Meet ZOEY! The World’s 1st Personal Marketing Assistant (PMA) for Business Made with LOVE & Powered by Human AI. 

Experience How ZOEY’s PBM’s Predictive Marketing Automation  allow your BRANDS VOICE to Become The INTERFACE Online.

ZOEY is 6 Major Apps

All-In-One Assistant

Smart Pixel

Gain Access to ZOEY’s – Identity Resolution Powered Smart Pixel that Tracks over 50 Billion Online Behaviors Daily surprised. Know Who’s InMarket Ready to BUY and Who’s InFunnel.

Native App

Staying Connected and Staying Relevant are the cool Keys to Success. Apart of Zoey Projects include IOS App and Andriod App Touchpoints.

Progressive Web App

The “Evolution” of Websites are Zoey PBM’s. More than Just a “Website” undecided, PBM Micro Sites gather Customer Intelligence, Nurture & Convert.

Alexa Voice Assistant

Be VISIBLE The Moment Your Audience has a “QUESTION“? Hey Google…laughing “Own The Chat” using Zoey PBM’s Alexa and Google Flows.

ChatBot Assistant

68% B2B and 83% B2C Consumers Today Now “Interact” w/ some form of AI Assistant surprised. Zoey Helps create a “Seamless Conversation” Online.

Voicebot Assistant

Voice Search is “Untapped” inside of Business Today. Zoey can innocent Call Leads, Customers, Set Appts, Reminders, & Even Follow-ups, 


ZOEY Your NEW Personal Assistant

Introducing NEW:

HUMAN AI Predictive Business Models.

Your Customer’s Journey tells a Story, but is Your BrandListening“? Times have changed. Brands that Fail to Reach Consumers “Where They Are” and Create a Personalized USER Experience will LOSE.

Zoey PBM’s “Humanize The Digital Interaction” between Your Brand and Consumers. PBM’s are Micro AI-Solutions that are Data-Driven Predictive Business Models with a SINGLE Focus… Growing Your PROFITS!

Need Market Insight?

Get Your Markets Data & Brands Digital FootPrint 

Profit isn’t EARNED, it’s WON! Strategy is How You WIN! Unlock all the Hidden INSIGHT and Tons of Trapped Value laying Dormant inside Your Markets Online Daily Behaviors. Your Data tells a Story.

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